Driver’s guide to safe winter travel

Shorter days, low light and bad weather make winter a hazardous time for UK drivers – you can reduce the risk by following this winter driving advice. Did you know? Weather conditions are a contributing factor in 14% of all fatalities and serious injuries on UK roads according to National Highways data. The number of […]

Digital FNOL Software – What is it, and how does it work?

eNOL - Electronic Notification of Loss in Motor Insurance

Technology is transforming the motor claims process. From customer service chatbots, to AI damage assessment, insurers are increasingly harnessing digital solutions to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency in decision-making processes. Electronic Notification of Loss (eNOL) is one of these solutions. It’s powered by FNOL software, like incident reporting web-apps – which provide a quicker, easier […]

Small to Medium Area Repair Technology – SMART Vehicle Repair

If you’ve taken your vehicle for cosmetic repair, you may have been offered a SMART repair – often conducted by a mobile technician. But what exactly is SMART vehicle repair, and how does it work? Here we cover all you need to know about SMART repair methods, including what they mean, how they’re used, and […]

How Insurers can Speed Up Accident Repair

Speed up ac

The vehicle repair industry is currently facing significant delays, increasing the time it takes for insurers to get their customers back on the road post-incident. Here we discuss why these delays are happening, and how insurers can take action to speed up the accident repair process… What’s causing the current accident repair delays? Industry-wide challenges […]

Achieving Right-First-Time Deployment in Motor Claims

Achieving Right-First-Time Deployment in Motor Claims & Vehicle Repair

With the challenges currently facing the motor claims industry, promoting right-first-time deployment is a crucial part of minimising repair delays, and promoting a positive customer experience. Here we discuss the importance of right-first-time deployment in motor claims, and how insurers and their repair partners can take action to deliver it. What is meant by ‘Right-First-Time […]

How Technology is Simplifying Motor Insurance Claims

Technology is simplifying motor insurance claims

Technology is reshaping the way we live our lives. For insurers and their customers, it can promote ease and data accuracy in the claims process – creating a more streamlined user experience for both parties. Last month, our parent company Activate Group partnered with Modern Insurance Magazine to chair a round-table discussion on the role […]