Introducing Activate Initiate – Electronic Notification of Loss (eNOL) application for Insurers

A strong incident reporting process is crucial for maximising operational efficiency, keeping repair costs down, and getting insurance customers back on the road quickly.

The focus is always on promoting fast, accurate, and user-friendly ways to report incident details as soon as possible after they occur.

That’s why our parent company, Activate Group, have launched Activate Initiate – our white-label incident reporting application for insurers.

Initiate helps to promote a ‘hybrid’ approach to incident reporting, utilising digital solutions alongside existing telephone FNOL to promote efficiency, and improve data accuracy.

Here we explain the key features and benefits of Activate Initiate, and how a hybrid FNOL/eNOL process can promote a faster, more efficient repair strategy.

What is Activate Initiate?

Activate Initiate is a digital incident reporting solution for motor claims customers. The web-app allows drivers/policyholders to submit quick and accurate incident information directly to their insurer.

After they encounter an incident, drivers simply load the web app, and follow the form to submit details & images of the collision to their insurer.

This can either be done via a link, which loads the app within their mobile browser, or Initiate can be embedded within your existing mobile apps/web portals.

What does it do?

Here are some of the key features of Activate Initiate:

– Digitise your Incident Reporting Process

Activate Initiate makes it easy to achieve a more technology-led incident reporting process. Our white-label web-app is versatile, customisable, and easy to implement with your existing claims systems & operational processes.

Plus – it’s incredibly simple to use, with no install required, and simple instructions laid out in the web-app itself.

– White-label eNOL web-app for drivers & policyholders

The white-label eNOL (electronic Notification of Loss) application can be fully tailored to your brand persona and its reporting requirements. It’s easy to customise, and provides a user-friendly, consistently branded interface for users.

– Drag & Drop question-set building with FNOL studio

Activate Initiate is powered by our new drag-and-drop FNOL/eNOL builder – FNOL Studio. This allows you to easily set/change the questions drivers are asked at FNOL stage – and set any changes live in minutes!

– Capture images of vehicle damage & incident location

The web-app prompts drivers to upload images of vehicle damage using their smartphone, and select the exact location at which the incident occurred. 

The interface guides them through which parts of the vehicle to photograph, ensuring the data captured is accurate and comprehensive – helping to inform triage and deployment decisions.

– Seamless integration with the claims management system

Activate Initiate can be easily integrated with existing systems & processes, allowing you to set the eNOL application live quickly, and with minimal adaptations needed. This allows data to flow between systems easily and accurately. 

What are the benefits of Activate Initiate?

Activate Initiate’s Electronic Notification of Loss (eNOL) solution brings a number of benefits to your incident reporting strategy, including:

– Faster, more accurate incident reporting

The eNOL web-app makes it quick and easy to report incidents as soon as damage occurs. There’s no need for any app downloads – Activate Initiate is completely web-based, making it easy for drivers to access and complete.

This increases both the speed and accuracy of incident reporting – helping to control costs through swift Third-Party capture, and promote right-first-time repair deployment through more qualitative incident data.

– Faster triage & engineering decisions

The visual data captured through Activate Initiate is a powerful tool for assisting triage & engineering decisions. 

This is key to promoting right-first-time repair deployment – getting customers’ vehicles placed effectively, repaired quickly, and back on the road sooner.

– Swift third-party capture

Utilising eNOL allows details of any third-parties to be captured quickly and accurately. This is crucial for controlling the cost of at-fault claims, ensuring third-party vehicles are placed swiftly within your own repair network.

The advantages of fast third-party capture are clear – with some of our customers seeing an average saving of £1,500 per at-fault claim, thanks to their increased ability to control third-party costs.

– More data to drive operational strategies 

Activate Initiate provides you with a wealth of incident reporting data, allowing you to measure the performance of your processes, and make strategic operational changes.

This data can be easily exported, filtered, and analysed to gain both granular and top-level insights around the strength of your incident reporting process.

– Quick & easy process changes

Our FNOL Studio integration makes it easy to make swift changes to your incident reporting process, and set these live immediately.

This enables insurers to adapt their question sets/reporting requirements whenever required, and run quick & effective test-and-learn activities.

Simply drag and drop the questions you want to ask, and make changes to the wording and requirements within the platform, submit for sign-off, and put them live once approved!

Introducing: Activate Initiate – A Faster, Smarter FNOL Process

Want to know how Activate Initiate can help you to speed up incident reporting, reduce repair lead times, and promote data-driven operational decisions?

Get in touch with one of our team of motor claims specialists, who will guide you through everything you need to know about our intuitive eNOL application:

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