Motor Repair Network launches Electronic Notification of Loss (eNOL) solution

Motor Repair Network, the accident management specialist, has launched Activate Initiate – a new eNOL app to support its customers as they move towards a digital claims journey.

The white-label app will help to control claims costs and reduce off-road time by letting policyholders submit quick, accurate reports as soon as a collision occurs.

The app guides users through the FNOL process, enabling them to provide relevant information and images to support at-fault, triage and engineering decisions – driving repair efficiency.

Adrian Furness, Managing Director, Motor Repair Network said: “Technological advances have led insurers and MGAs to review the claims journey, looking for opportunities to enhance customer experience and efficiency.

“Our new eNOL solution is designed to support customers that want to offer a digital claims experience. It’s a flexible online tool that can be integrated with existing systems and processes, making it quick and easy to provide full, accurate FNOL information.”

The web-app is easily accessible – there’s no need to pre-install and nothing to download, the app can be accessed through a link.

Once open, it guides users through a series of straightforward questions and supports them to take useful images that are automatically uploaded to a central system.

Claims handlers then review the details and follow up with a phone call to request further information or clarify where necessary.

Adrian continued: “Our data shows that faster incident reporting times have a significant positive impact on third-party capture rates, helping to control costs.

“The app is designed to appeal to those policyholders that are put-off by the thought of making a phone call but feel comfortable completing a simple online form.

“In order to ensure full, accurate information, details can be reviewed by our highly-trained claims handlers. They follow up on any incomplete or unclear information to reduce the possibility of fraud, support right-first-time decisions and maximise repair efficiency.”

Activate Initiate was developed by Motor Repair Network’s parent company, Activate Group, as part of its technology roadmap, and provides claims managers with a wealth of incident reporting data to drive continuous improvement. 

Supported by the Group’s unique FNOL Studio integration, it’s quick and easy to amend and tailor the eNOL process based on the insight provided, with no lengthy development time needed. 

Pete Thompson, Director of Product for Activate Group explains: “Activate Initiate is a great example of how digital transformation can have a positive impact on the claims journey.  We’ve worked with insurers to understand their business goals, and our product roadmap is all about delivering tools that will help drive quicker, more accurate claims experiences for policyholders.” 

Learn more about Activate Initiate here

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